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ASY-B Computerized Process Plate 


The machine is applicable to multicolor one time nonstop printing of the reel film materials with excellent printing performance as BOPP,PET,PVC,PE ,aluminum foil ,and reel paper, etc it is widely used in various kinds of high grade pressworks.
Performance and Characteristics

The machine's automatic color processing system can manage each unit to collocate microprocessor independently and can rectify the deviation rapidly and rightly .The main motor is inverter controlled .The unwinding is auto-tension control by magnetic powder ,The rewinding of the reel is completed by automatic tension dragging ?with torque motor. It is double position automatic spining and pre-drive automatic cut and incise rolling up ,and it can achieve nonstop material exchange .It has pneumatic press system , septum type pneumatic ink automatic cycle system ,air shaft ,printing line speed and meter-counting display.

Performance and Characteristics
Printing Width 600-1100mm
Printing Length 300-1000mm
Printing Speed 10-100m/min
Machine Power 124kw
Fromat Precision <0.15m/min
Electric Hearing Power 75kw
Machine Weight 18000kw
Boundary Dimensions L11200*W1950*H2800mm

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