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RQ-B Zipper bag Sealing Machine 

This machine used in sealing and cutting high-pressure PE Ziplok bag.
¡öPerformance and Characteristics

The machine is a kind of advanced packing machinery. Adopts photocell trace, computer control, step motor feeding(can option servo motor), adjust speed with inverter, automatically control temperature, with advantages of simple operation and firm edge sealing etc.
¡öMain Technical Variables
Main Drive (kw) 1.1 1.1
Heater Capacity (kw) 1.6 2
Sealing Width (mm) 450 600
Sealing Length (mm) 40-320 40-400
Output (per min pcs) 40-150 30-150
Machine Size (mm) 3200*1100*1500 3300*1300*1500
Machine Weight (kg) 600 800

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