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LJ-B Auto Threading-rolling Bag-making Machine  

This machine is a kind of?equipment to make threading garbage bags or folded-rolled bags, the materials like LDPF,LHPF and roll film.
¡öPerformance and Characteristics

This machine is researched and manufactured by our company on the basis of integration of advanced foreign technology.It adopts the materials like LDPF,LHPF and roll film to manufacture threading garbage bags or folded-rolled bags.The machine adopts computer control,step motor to fix the length,photoelectric tracking, auto counting,alarming up to the set number,auto rectifying and auto thermo control as well as the functions like auto beveling, punching,threading,folding,punching,rolling,etc.It is an idea equipment to manufacture threading garbage bags.
¡öMain Technical Variables
Model LJ-B900 LJ-B1100
Max. Bag-making width 900mm 1100mm
Max. Bag-making length 999mm 999mm
Bag-making thickness 0.015-0.05mm 0.015-0.05mm
Bag-making speed 20-50pcs/min 20-50pcs/min
Total power 8kw 10kw
Weight of machine 2200kg 2600kg
Overall dimensions 9800x2200x2000mm 9800x2400x2000mm

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